How to Brew Beer at Home

brew beer at home

Here is a quick guide with home brewing tips and tricks.

Yeast is a living organism which literally creates the alcohol that we find in beer.  This helps to keep the beer clean, and obviously makes it into what we love to drink today.

There are generally 7-10 steps in the brewing process, and we can go over them briefly below.

The first step is malting, which prepares the barley for brewing.  Next is milling, which helps to make the grains easier to absorb water, and sucks the sugars out of the malt.

Mashing comes after that, which concerts starches in the beer to sugars, and that will be fermented (or turned to alcohol.)

From this point on there are a few more steps, such as lautering, boiling, fermenting, conditioning, filtering, packaging, and (of course) drinking!

There are some very specific guides out there which have pictures, video, and other means of helping you understand exactly what you have to do to brew your own beer.

It’s nice and fun to get a kit which simplifies things, but it’s way better to have an expert teach it to you as if they were at your own home.  From what we’ve seen, it really helps the person to learn much faster than they would have otherwise, since it gives you a recipe that is tried and tested.

Nothing is more frustrating than brewing beer over the course of a few weeks, only to be disappointed by the taste or consistency of it.  You can avoid that by using a step-by-step guide, which we will try and share with you in the upcoming post next week.

I hope this helps to give you an introduction, there will be much more info which will skyrocket you into becoming a home beer brewing expert, so look out for that!

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