How to Make Your First Batch of Homebrew Beer

how to make first homebrew beer

It is really amazing that beer-making at your home is very easy to do. So with little effort, everyone can start brewing their own beer at home without the need of going to the local store to buy bottles of beer. And once you start making your own beer you will do it forever, I guarantee that.

With beer making kits and many beer making recipes they are out there, you can create a huge beer inventory for yourself, your family, and friends.

When you search on the internet you can find many suppliers of beer making tools and ingredients. These can be pre-hopped, un-hopped malt extract that comes in over thirty various options of grains you can crush up and steep for your beer. There are many types of brewers yeast and other additional ingredients to give your own beer a special taste according to your imagination.

Then you just need some room to set up all your tools, kits, and ingredients and you are ready to make your first batch of homebrew beer. Once you have all the tools you need to brew your beer the right way, you can start making your first batch of homemade beer.

Decide what type of beer you want to brew first. I think this decision is very hard to make because there are so many types of beer you can produce.

You can have a beer that is light, dark, pale, and amber or there are German recipes, Czech, English, Irish, American, and many more. Your determining factor should be the flavor, so you should decide what flavor you want to do first. Read through the over 600 Beer Making Recipe E-book and start with the one you like the most.

Before you start brewing make sure your equipment is clean. The best is to sanitize it. Do this before and after every beer batch, you make at home. This will avoid many health problems later.

Simply wash everything with warm water and let everything dry. Now you will be ready to do your first batch of homebrew beer.

Basically, you mix the water with the malt extract. Let it come to a boiling point. Use either the pre-hopped or un-hopped extract based on your recipe.

After you do that you need to cool down the mixture, so put the brew kettle into a sink full of cold water. When the temperature falls below one hundred, you can ferment it in a sanitized container;

The last step will be adding the brewer’s yeast. This is what gives the flavor to the beer. You can get any type of this yeast, so choose the one that you think will give a great taste or just follow the beer-making recipe.

Now, when you add everything you should, let the beer sit and ferment for 8 to 10 days. Then let it stand at room temperature for about two days after all the bubbling stops.

When it’s done, you are ready to put your beer into bottles. So first pour the beer into a bucket and add 3/4 cup of sugar. Fill the bottles you have purchased to about an inch from the top and apply a beer cap.

In this state, you still need to leave the beer to get carbonated for 10 days. You can place your new beer batch into a fridge and let it cool down. Beer really tastes the best when it’s chilled.

When you want to have a good time and relax, just open one of the bottles of your first batch of homebrew beer, sit back and enjoy the great tasting, chilled bottle of beer.

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